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When Should You Visit A Chiropractor For Back Pain?

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

chiropractor alleviating back pain

To most, Chiropractors have always been synonymously known as "back pain doctors," as they treat a multitude of different ailments and types of back pain-related conditions. However, not all back pain is the same. Back pain can be a symptom of a variety of conditions. Since treatment varies from person to person, a thorough appointment with your local chiropractor will help answer any questions you may have regarding your specific pain concerns.

What is Back Pain?

Back pain can occur at any level of the spine, but not all back pain is spinal in origin. Back pain can start suddenly or gradually, may come and go, and is likely to get worse over time without proper health treatments. Tightness in the neck or back is one concern that can result in headache, dizziness, or nausea. In some patients, back pain may occur due to an underlying condition that should be treated to manage the pain and improve overall wellbeing. If your back pain is caused by arthritis, for example, your doctor may give you medication that reduces inflammation and relieves back pain. Muscle relaxants can also be used for back pain, especially if there are muscle cramps associated with the pain but we always prefer a more natural process to heal rather than just masking symptoms.


Back pain is part of a variety of ailments such as sciatica and back spasms. It can extend to pain in the neck, shoulders, hips, knees, or ankles and even internal pain without treatment. Tense muscles and sprained ligaments lead to pain. Symptoms of lower back pain can manifest in a variety of ways, including pain in the esophagus, buttocks, hips, and legs, as well as in the neck and back.

suffering a back pain

Pain and tingling can also occur in the lower back spreading to the upper legs.

A bulging intervertebral disc can put pressure on the nerve roots coming from the spine, and nerves may become trapped or the spinal canal may become narrowed, causing pain in the back. Different types of back pain can tell us about different problems that occur in the function of the spine or muscles. Treatment of back pain depends on the cause and the severity of the symptoms. Below are some types of back pain you may have and what it could mean for you:

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain can be defined as pain that lasts more than 3 months after the cause of the pain has been treated. If the back pain lasts longer than 3 months and has passed the point of tissue healing, then you suffer from chronic back pain. Having persistent back pain for several days or weeks means that it is time to make an appointment with a chiropractor. This ensures that your rehabilitation plan is aimed at relieving the source of pain, improving the functionality of your body, and preventing future injuries not just covering up the symptoms.

Mechanical Back Pain

There is a condition called mechanical back pain, one that is defined as low back pain and is not attributed to a recognizable or known specific pathology. Mechanical pain in the lower back can be defined as pain in the muscles, tendons, ligaments or herniated discs, as well as muscle cramps, tingling, stiffness or pain due to stress and strain in the muscle.

Middle and Upper Back Pain

Back pain in the middle and upper back can often be a sign of something other than muscle strain. Chiropractors also treat a much wider range of ailments and several other health conditions causing middle/upper back pain, including osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis, among other structural based ailments.

Signs You Should Seek a Chiropractor

If you are considering seeing a chiropractor for back pain relief, especially after an accident, you may have many questions about the process, including when to see one or how often you should see them, and what signs to look out for to determine when to seek chiropractic help. Here are common instances on when to see a chiropractor for back pain:

chiropractor examining back pain

1. If you have chronic back pain that lasts for about a week and/or becomes extreme

2. Persistent back pain for several days to weeks

3. If you are feeling intense pain in your neck or back

4. Sudden neck and back pain after an accident,

5. Back pain and stiff neck due to an injury

You should always seek medical treatment for persistent back pain, as it could be a herniated disc, a bulging disc, or a number of other ailments. If your doctor can identify the probable cause of your back pain, further tests are required for final diagnosis and treatment by the professionals that focus in natural healing techniques for back pain.

What Can You Expect at Your First Chiropractic Appointment?

Visiting a chiropractor is the first step towards effective treatment of back pain.At your first chiropractic appointment, you can expect your doctor to discuss any potential conditions, any pain or symptoms you have as well as examine potential areas of concern. Your chiropractor will ask you questions about your history, such as when any pain started, whether it has worsened or improved, and whether you have associated symptoms such as numbness or tingling. Once a diagnosis has been made, the chiropractor can put together a special treatment plan that effectively treats your back pain along with a list of goals to improve your back pain .and advise you on the best treatment options for neck and back pain and other diseases. Through treatment, your provider will try to determine whether your back pain is getting better and, if so, what treatment options should be continued to achieve the best possible outcomes. Together, you can explore the options available to achieve the goal of a pain-free back.

chiropractor explaining back pain

Benefits of Chiropractic Treatments for Back Pain

Chiropractors offer a wide range of solutions to address structural pain such as neck pain and back pain. These range from chiropractic adjustments to acupuncture and manual therapy to nutritional and lifestyle adjustments, that cover assistance with patient lifestyle choices to achieve healthier physical and mental development that promotes lasting pain relief. Chiropractic treatments are less invasive, offering pain treatments that include alternative pain relief which can also be useful for other conditions.The right mix of treatments should be discussed with the doctor for your unique situation.

Natural Chiropractic, our chiropractors offer a range of chiropractic treatments to treat your back pain and its causes. We also offer the same quality of care for other treatment and wellness options such as acupuncture and manual therapy. If you suffer from back pain, chiropractic treatment can help you find relief and provide a better quality of life.

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation is a core technique used to treat upper back pain and can be combined with rehabilitative exercises and manual therapy. It accelerates the recovery of lower back pain and the development of a healthy spine. If you have back pain that requires spinal rehabilitation, we recommend that you contact your local chiropractic clinic for a consultation. As with any chiropractic treatment, spinal rehabilitation depends on individual needs.

spinal manipulation

If you have chronic back pain or your body is aching due to nerve pain, chiropractors can manipulate your spine to ease the pressure on nerves in the spinal cord, which can relieve the pain. Spinal adjustments can relieve back pain by stimulating the body to heal itself and thus preventing the recurrence of back pain.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are one of the most common treatments for back pain, but these techniques can do much more. Even if you don’t have back pain or other health problems, chiropractic adjustments can help you relax. Chiropractic adjustments are designed to relieve joint and back pain by bringing the spine back into its natural alignment so that it can properly support body weight and achieve a greater range of movement. We take a holistic approach that focuses on the musculoskeletal system to ensure optimal alignment of the spine and pain reduction through time tested practices.

Therapeutic Exercises

If you have back pain and want relief, therapeutic exercises can also support pain reduction. Exercises are a good way to prevent back pain or reduce the risk of new injuries. A physiotherapist - can specially tailor an appropriate exercise routine to help you recover faster or reduce the likelihood of back pain. If you keep a regular schedule, you can strengthen the muscles in your lower back to reduce the likelihood of back pain returning. If you have chronic back pain, try to stay as physically active as possible, as this will reduce the severity of your symptoms. Although some types of back pain can self-correct, a period when symptoms do not get better or get worse should be a sign to further evaluate your health. Anyone with chronic back pain should consult their doctor before starting a physical activity program.

A wide range of chiropractic treatments we offer can be effective against back pain, including other wellness services such as acupuncture, and manual therapy. Treatment of pain is the most common benefit of chiropractic treatment, but it also has many other benefits that can improve your overall health. Even if you have pain that’s not associated with a specific accident and notice that it’s not abating after simple and safe home remedies, it is best to call to schedule an appointment. Regular check-ins not related to pain can be beneficial through a wide range of health services provided by our office.

If you have been involved in an accident that harmed your back, it’s a good time to seek help as soon as possible. We will conduct an assessment to create tailored treatment plans that meet your health goals, whether for chronic back pain, or mild pain, or for other conditions. In our chiropractic practice, we are not just concerned with treating symptoms, but with diagnosing and alleviating the cause of your back pain. If you suffer from back pain for any reason, please contact us for a consultation to get you started on the road to relief from your back pain.

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