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What is Zyto Scan?

Our Nutritional Counseling sessions will help you heal naturally while specifically creating a nutritional program that meets your needs.

Zyto™ Scan – An Introduction

Scans are organized into what are called surveys. You’ve probably filled out a survey before.  A survey is a series of questions that you provide answers to. A biosurvey is essentially the same thing. The only difference is that you don’t answer the “questions” consciously; instead, your body answers them directly through a response to information presented to your body.

ZYTO Biocommunication

Biocommunication is defined as an exchange of information between your body and a computer. Zyto’s technology sends a Virtual Stimulus Item (VSI), which is an energetic impulse signature, to the body. ZYTO Biocommunication software is an FDA-registered software that sends digital stimuli and then collects response data when the user’s hands come in contact with the device. 


With ZYTO Biocommunication, the Virtual Item serves as the ‘questions,’ and the answer is recorded as a change in the electrical properties of the skin and analyzed by the software. With our new biocommunication scanner, we can assist you in making better decisions related to your health and nutrition.

Benefits of ZYTO Nutritional Scanning

ZYTO Nutritional Scanning takes just a few minutes. It is safe for both adults and children. Here are important ways in which you can benefit from a food scan. 


The ZYTO Foods and Wellness Scan takes a variety of factors into consideration that help people make smart dietary choices, whether or not they are looking to go on a diet. In addition to scanning the current ZYTO foods for the presence of food stressors, the Foods & wellness Biosurvey can also scan your food for vitamins, minerals, other nutrients, and balancing agents such as iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium chloride, potassium,  or sodium.

Get Health Insights

The Food Scan contains reports that can provide important insights into your lifestyle and diet. The main report lists the top foods and breaks down the reactions into different categories. If selected for the scan, other reports will subsequently appear in the lower right corner of the screen.

Filter Food According To Diet

Another advantage of improved ZYTO food scanning is that you can filter food according to your diet. The scanner’s ability to filter by food category makes it easier for you to read and understand the contents of the report. Virtual foods do not appear in the main report, but they are still scanned, so you must filter out foods that you cannot eat when you go through the reports. For example, if you are on a vegetarian diet, you can filter out foods that are not vegetarian. When you are looking for stress factors, look for areas that you want to look at, as you may be able to add foods you eat to avoid food sources that are triggers.

Scan Food Signatures as Balancers

The higher the positive values, the more biologically your body is in agreement with food and the better it is. In addition to scanning a variety of balancers and virtual objects, the Biosurvey also scans your stressors and digital signature for balancing agents. By scanning your food signature for balancing agents, you can figure which foods suit you best by simply looking at your values. When you look at food in this way, your attitude to your diet tends to focus less on what you eat and more on the things you can’t eat.

Easier Grocery / Shopping List

The Wellness Biosurvey reports can generate various food choices that you can use for your next list of groceries. You can buy foods from the top list and add them to your grocery list. You can simply choose the best of a few foods in each category and incorporate them into your diet. You can also label the least coherent items as foods that you want to avoid purchasing when buying groceries.

ZYTO Nutritional Scanning Can Also:

  • Determine biological preference for nutrition

  • Help you save money

  • Increase your energy levels

  • Help you stick to a healthy diet

  • Track your health

Bio Surveys

Bio Surveys are general in nature and include both Virtual Items that are concerned with overall wellness and those related to specific areas of the body or body systems. There are also Biosurveys that deal with environmental factors. A Biosurvey can be as varied and versatile as any other survey. 

Once the VSI is transmitted, the response of your body is measured and recorded, and any changes (negative or positive), termed as biological preferences, are identified. The way your body reacts is called a Galvanic Skin Reaction (GSR), and ZYTO determines these changes in energy management.

You can use this information to make better and more informed decisions about your health, such as diet, exercise, weight management, and weight control.

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