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Chiropractic care paired with holistic wellness services can enhance your mental and neurological health, as well as your physical well-being, by increasing muscle strength, flexibility along with your bodies’ metabolic processes such as immunity, hormonal response and stamina just to name a few. With the right combinations of wellness care, you can prime your body to function at an optimal level. For people experiencing pain or discomfort in any area of the body due to an accident, sports injury, or poor posture, with our professional and experienced wellness staff, we can help you get your body back to normal without any side effects from medication. We provide comprehensive solutions for those suffering from chronic pain, arthritis, migraines, and a variety of other illnesses. The following are some of the chiropractic care solutions that we provide our clients with to treat their pain in a calm and soothing environment.


When you are in pain and you decide to visit a chiropractor to improve your health, you are in luck. At our practice, we believe strongly in preventative care and treating the whole patient when it comes to pain, illness and injury. Our Lindenhurst nutritionist, Katie Moxley, RD, meets with clients who want to learn more about treating chronic conditions through the foods you eat. The goal at Natural Care Chiropractic is to provide patients with all of the tools they need to live a more balanced, healthier life. Katie gets direct answers to your wellness questions with ZYTO™. A simple ZYTO galvanic skin response scan can help inform your wellness decisions by providing accurate readings directly from your body.

Manual Therapy

When many patients think of manual therapy, they most likely picture a day spa with soothing music.  That's fine to relax, but we concentrate on musculoskeletal issues to impact changes for improved function. Natural Care Chiropractic offers healing through manual therapy.  All of our treatments are tailored to the needs of the individual patient, ranging from sports therapy and manual therapy to pregnancy discomfort relief.

Pain Management

Chronic back pain, sciatica, or an unhealed accident injury can stop you from living an active life. Traditional medical treatments for pain management rely on medication to cover up pain symptoms. This provides only fleeting relief, and can lead to a cycle of prescription painkiller dependency. At Natural Care Chiropractic, Dr. Mark Freund and Dr. Nicole Gopaul provide integrated pain management solutions that are all natural and drug-free. By combining chiropractic care with acupuncture, Dr. Freund manages pain symptoms by directly addressing their underlying cause.

Physical Therapy

Natural Care Chiropractic is a team of chiropractors, manual therapists, nutritionists and wellness professionals who believe in whole body wellness. We don't superficially treat an injury or medicate away your pain. Instead, our holistic healing approach helps you manage pain naturally, while promoting healing from within.


We treat the physical cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. Physical therapy is an important part of our whole body approach to helping patients from Northern Illinois and wherever needed, live full, active lives.

Chiropractic Care for Auto Accident Injury

If you are suffering from back pain or neck pain after a car accident, you may have sustained a spinal injury or a whiplash injury. Without proper care, these injuries can have a serious impact on your health, leading to months or even years of chronic pain. Our Lindenhurst chiropractors, Dr. Mark Freund and Dr. Nicole Gopaul, have substantial experience treating auto accident injury patients. Dr. Freund and Dr. Gopaul understand the best ways to manage back pain and whiplash pain without the need for medication or surgery.

Sports Injury Rehab

A sports related injury can happen to anyone at any time – you don’t have to play professional sports to sustain an injury, and you don’t need to be a professional athlete to deserve high quality care. Maybe you tore a ligament sliding into home base at your company softball game or years of playing tennis and golf have led to elbow or shoulder pain. Whether you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain or knee pain, our sports injury rehab and chiropractic services will help your body heal faster. Dr. Gopaul is an athlete herself who is not only raising young athletes but understands the issues resulting from activities such as soccer, basketball and football.

TMJ Disorder

Do you struggle with the painful symptoms of TMJ disorder? TMJ symptoms can make it hard to yawn, open your mouth wide, chew, or even receive dental care. In addition to limiting the range of movement in the jaw, TMJ disorder can cause debilitating pain in the face, ears, neck, and shoulders. Headaches, earaches, and problems swallowing can also occur. Conventional treatments for the condition may not be very effective. But at Natural Care Chiropractic in Lindenhurst, IL, Dr. Mark Freund can help restore your jaw's natural range of motion and relieve pain and muscle tension associated with TMJ.

Migraine Treatment

Migraine relief is attainable with our Lindenhurst chiropractors. Our chiropractors use soothing treatments to ease your headaches and migraine symptoms. At Natural Care Chiropractic, Lindenhurst, IL residents are treated to high quality natural relief. We treat migraines without the use of medications that often result in unwanted side effects. In contrast, chiropractic treatments align your body to heal itself and reduce your migraine frequency, triggers and symptoms.

Sciatica Treatment

When one-quarter of your body simply fails to work as it should, creating a multitude of discomforts in the bargain, you're facing a serious threat to your quality of life -- the same threat faced by countless other individuals suffering from sciatica. This syndrome, caused by pinching of the sciatic nerve in the leg, can cause pain and other problems from your lower back to your toes. The good news is that most cases can be treated through conservative measures instead of surgery. Here at Natural Care Chiropractic, we can help sciatica sufferers gain lasting relief.

Carpal Tunnel Treatment

At Natural Care Chiropractic, we heal carpal tunnel without the use of medication. We welcome patients from Lindenhurst and nearby communities, which include Antioch, Gurnee, and the North Shore communities. Let our chiropractor relieve your pain and inflammation naturally, teach you ways to avoid future pain, and provide natural wellness support. 

Shoulder Pain Treatment

You might not realize just how much your shoulders do until they’re immobilized by pain. Basic tasks, from dressing to cooking and driving, become far more difficult. Whether this discomfort is caused by an injury, chronic pain, or a medical condition, do not overlook shoulder pain.

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Why Us?

The goal of our chiropractic services is to provide you with complete, whole-body wellness. We use a comprehensive set of wellness programs that focus on your physical and mental wellness. Our wellness center is conveniently located in Lindenhurst and offers a relaxed, stress-free environment where you can have each session. Whether you are looking for a one-off pain management session or want to include chiropractic care in your lifestyle regimen, we have a variety of treatments that makes it easy for you to find the perfect option. 

  • Get Access to trusted Chiropractic Experts 

  • Treatment for All Types of Pain and Discomfort

  • Enhance Joint Mobility 

  • Decrease Degeneration of Connective Tissues and Joints

  • Strengthen the Nervous System

  • Reduce Stress

  • Leaves You Feeling Refreshed and Energized

  • Access to nutritional knowledge that will enhance your well-being


Make Natural Care Chiropractic a place for your healing.



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