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Auto Accident Injury

Whiplash injuries from car accidents can cause spinal injury resulting in neck & back pain. Chiropractic care helps avoid serious injury after an accident.

Most people think of chiropractors when they think of neck and back pain,  especially related to a car accident. With car accidents, some people can walk away with minimal or short-term pain and get on with life as before. However, even if potential injuries are mild or not obvious, a smart course of action is to seek chiropractic treatment immediately after a car accident.


After all, one of the most important things chiropractors do after a car accident is to advise you on the best course of treatment. Different injuries require different frequencies of chiropractic care. Still, this article will examine the benefits and importance of natural care for car accidents and why you should make an appointment as soon as possible after an incident.

Whiplash injuries from car accidents can cause spinal injury resulting in neck & back pain. Chiropractic care helps avoid serious injury after an accident.


In a car accident, it is imperative to seek medical treatment immediately after the accident. Any injury caused by a car accident should be taken seriously. Not all of these symptoms occur instantly, and you may not become aware of the severity of your injury until the inflammation has subsided. In some cases, victims of car accidents may experience symptoms weeks later. Talk to your doctor about these silent threats. 


More than three million people are injured in road accidents in this country every year. Some types of injuries are more common than others. The injuries resulting from a car accident can be different for every individual and the varying circumstances of the collision. Some injuries from car accidents can resolve themselves within days of medical treatment, while some will take longer.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help

A chiropractor ensures you are informed of the various treatment options available to find the best resolution for your injury. An immediate chiropractic treatment supports the natural healing process of your body and helps you avoid long-term complications such as back pain, headaches, nausea, and exhaustion.


Your chiropractor can help you recover from some of the most common injuries from a car accident. We have been treating car accident injuries for several decades and can put you on the path to healing naturally. We support pain relief by realigning your body to a more balanced state after an accident. In some cases, chiropractic treatment alone can cure a patient, while at other times, it is combined with acupuncture and manual therapy for a full recovery. We incorporate acupuncture to reduce inflammation and pain, therapies to reduce scar tissue, and other complementary and alternative treatments to support overall health. Your chiropractor will diagnose the underlying cause of your pain and determine whether the injury requires chiropractic treatment and any additional natural healing techniques.


Chiropractic care can make a significant difference if you have been involved in a serious accident and have suffered damage to the musculoskeletal system. When an accident is considered minor, it is unlikely that accident victims will seek treatment as they are unaware that it can lead to lifelong health problems if left untreated. 


If your cervical spine is forced out of alignment, you will likely suffer serious damage to your bones and musculoskeletal system. Manual and physical therapies, including corrective exercises, help restore your body to full recovery. It is important to have a medical check-up - and do it immediately, within a few days of a car accident. Even if you may not be in pain at the moment, the sooner you see your doctor and determine the status of your condition, the quicker you can recover and the lesser the risk of worsening your condition.


Importance of Chiropractic Care After an Accident

One of the first things to do after a car accident is to seek chiropractic treatment, even if it is just a small fender bender. If you had an accident a month or a year ago, it is still worth consulting a chiropractor if you have headaches, neck, back, or any other residual pain after the accident.

Treating Head and Neck Injuries

A chiropractic visit provides many benefits, including avoiding aggravating injuries over time or creating new ones that come from being out of alignment. At Natural Care Chiropractic, we offer chiropractic care to treat injuries with proven natural, safe and long-lasting results. Many customers seek our help after an accident for head and neck injuries. You will likely experience long-term pain relief and recovery from treating your injuries as early as possible.

Filling Claims

Seeking financial compensation through a personal injury claim means going to a car accident chiropractor is essential. If you are injured in a car accident by another person's negligence, seeing a chiropractor after the accident improves your chances of receiving compensation as they can make a record of the injuries incurred and send it to your attorney. Even if you were not at fault for the car crash, the settlement does not cover chiropractic treatments, and you will need to file a claim against the person at fault to claim coverage for your treatments.


Choosing the right chiropractor to treat your car accident injuries is almost as important as the care you receive. If you may have suffered a car accident or similar injury, the good news is that your insurance company may pay for chiropractor treatment. Check your insurance coverage to see if your car insurance covers the cost of your chiropractic treatments, therapies, or acupuncture.


Whole-Body Treatments

Treatments for your neck, shoulders, and back pain include acupuncture, manual therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and other remedies. Chiropractors use various therapies and modalities to reduce inflammation caused by car accidents. They perform chiropractic adjustments to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, and restore normal movement of all facets and joints of the neck. Medical care, including physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, and other medical treatments, could help improve the daily lives of those suffering after an accident. In combination with chiropractic care, the healing process is accelerated by additional whole-body treatments offered as part of chiropractic care.


Therapeutic Exercises

One of the treatment strategies chiropractors will use in treating damage from car accidents is recommended stretching and exercises. Therapeutic exercises can be prescribed by a chiropractor, which helps restore normal spinal movement, minimize the symptoms, and reduce the risk of back pain. 


A chiropractor can help many accident victims recover from their accident with techniques and therapeutic exercises at home. A doctor specializing in post-accident care can help you get back on your feet quickly and help you restore your range of motion. Chiropractic treatment immediately after a car accident can prevent minor injuries from worsening into serious, chronic conditions.


Rehabilitation exercises may also strengthen and stabilize your spine and rehabilitate the back muscles to remedy muscle problems. The best treatment plan is geared to what you need to heal properly.


Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments reorient the spine, promote healing, relieve pain and promote recovery. Getting chiropractic adjustments as part of your normal routine to prevent pain and ease pain is an excellent way to fight the discomfort. Chiropractors naturally focus on chiropractic adjustment, in which the spine is very gently and effectively reoriented, and the joints are given a suitable range of motion. Chiropractic adjustments can reduce pressure on muscles and nerves, align with the back of the spine, and relieve pain. These pain reduction and realignment practices are key to improving your health after a recent car accident.

Spinal Manipulations

Chiropractors understand that some patients with specific car accident injuries will not benefit from exercises, and they may decide that spinal adjustments are not the right approach, given the severity of the injury. Also known as spinal manipulation, a chiropractic adjustment is a technique used by a chiropractor where a rapid force is applied to the spine, where a slow, mobilized movement is occasionally used. This consists of controlled stretching of excessively tense muscles, such as the back, neck, and shoulders. The most common method of spinal manipulation used by chiropractors to treat whiplash is to use an instrument to support manipulation. To treat back and neck pain after a car accident, consult a chiropractor who will examine your spine and perform chiropractic procedures to reduce inflammation and pain so you don't have recurrent problems. Contact us to learn more about our chiropractor's treatment plan for spinal injuries and spinal cord injury pain for natural healing.

Manual Therapy

In addition to spinal manipulation, a chiropractor can opt for manual therapy to treat the injured soft tissue. People in a car accident may face physical injuries for quite some time, and chiropractors can help with those injuries in many ways. If you are in pain after a car accident, you should consider turning to a physiotherapist or chiropractor for help with pain management via manual therapies or acupuncture.


To learn about other pain management issues and how chiropractic care can help you with car accident-related pain, find a qualified chiropractor in your area with a background in manual therapy for a treatment plan tailored to your specific injury.


Chiropractic treatment for whiplash is gaining popularity and momentum as people look for natural alternative care to replace prescription drugs and opioids. Treatment of whiplash is different for each patient, and some chiropractors prefer different adaptation methods such as manual therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic adjustments.


One of the primary whiplash treatments that chiropractors use for related muscle functions is muscle stimulation and relaxation techniques. Chiropractic treatment for whip injuries can also include treating signs of muscle dysfunction with muscle relaxers and stimulants that can release muscle tension and put them back in the right position. 


Visiting a qualified chiropractor is an excellent first step in recovering from whiplash. If you need whiplash treatment, a chiropractor's immediate treatment can help reduce recovery time. If you have recently had a car accident or suffered a serious injury, such as a broken bone, or concussion, you should seek chiropractic treatment as soon as possible. If you complain of neck pain after a trauma, go to your chiropractor to assess your spine. After an examination, the chiropractor will create an effective treatment plan for your neck pain. 


Working with a chiropractor and other healthcare professionals can improve your recovery time and quality of life. Still, you should understand that you need to be actively involved in improving your condition to get better. You can't just sit around and wait for your neck to heal. Let Natural Care Chiropractic help determine which chiropractic treatments and whiplash care work best for you. We will provide the treatment you need to find natural relief from pain and symptoms.

Chiropractic treatment for auto injuries is one of the most effective methods to treat these symptoms of auto accidents as it supports the body's natural healing process and promotes long-term relief. 

Why Natural Care Chiropractic?

Chiropractic treatments are a great way to relieve pain and promote well-being. If you have ever had a car accident and want to see a chiropractor, we are here to help. If you suffer back pain from a car accident, our experienced and competent team of chiropractors will be happy to help you assess your condition and provide support. We offer a wide range of treatments for car accident injuries to give you the time and care you need to heal properly. Depending on the location of the pain, our chiropractors can offer integrated therapy for back and neck pain and will do everything in their power to reduce the pain and discomfort you experience.


We have a long history of treating accident victims and a strong track record of providing effective treatment. Traditional post-car care relies on medications that cover up the patient's pain and symptoms. Prescription painkillers, while providing immediate pain relief, are not a long-term solution to pain management. 


Medication alone cannot help patients to recover their mobility and structure after a back injury. With the proper diagnostic care, your chiropractor can identify the underlying damage and develop a tailored treatment program that supports the natural healing process in your body. If you or someone you know has been in a car accident, chiropractor Dr. Gopaul is at your side. Contact Natural Care Chiropractic today to learn more about our car accident treatment options.

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