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What Is Atlas Orthogonal? 

Atlas Orthogonal is a pain-free and safe spinal correction that restores balance and reactivates the natural healing powers of your body. Atlas Orthogonal is a specialty in chiropractic; it can help relieve pain and suffering, promote healthy growth and development, and improve well-being - for both body and mind. It also aids the body to recover quickly from spinal surgery and reduces pain. Precise spinal care can, in many cases, eliminate the need for medication and surgery as well as reduce the risk of complications from spinal surgery.

Who Can Benefit from Atlas Orthogonal Care?

Atlas Orthogonal care can benefit you, your family, friends, colleagues, and anyone looking to improve their own health. When most people think of chiropractic correction, they think of the treatment of back pain, but Atlas Orthogonal goes beyond treating these common conditions.  Atlas Orthogonal Spinal Correction can help your body function better despite having any kind of health problems. The primary reason why this treatment is so successful is that it addresses the root of the issue rather than treating the symptoms. 

Benefits of Atlas Orthogonal 

Chiropractic care offers important health benefits to people of all ages. In addition, many chronic problems caused by spinal subluxation can also be completely resolved. Chiropractors often recommend this therapy even if you are healthy to maximize the effectiveness of other treatments. Regular adaptations to the body (chiropractic adjustments and atlas orthogonal adjustments) help to maintain its structure and overall physique and are a great way to protect yourself from serious health problems in the long term. If the spine is aligned properly, the digestive tract and the nervous system work smoothly so that you can wake up rested and ready for the day. You won’t be the victim of brain fog, and you won’t have to give up a good night’s sleep. Let’s review the top benefits of this chiropractic technique below:

  • Safe and natural pain relief

  • Maintain healthy joints and spine

  • Improve Immune system and bodily functions

  • Reduce stress and increase energy

Conditions Atlas Orthogonal Treats

Sciatica and Pinched Nerves

Sciatica is an ache that originates from the sciatic nerves that run from the lower back to the legs. It is a very useful treatment for sciatica because it aligns the spine and stops the nerves from being pressed or pinched. In case the nerve is trapped, the Atlas Orthogonal can reduce the force and restore the correct nerve functionality, relieving the pain caused by sciatica.


Herniated Disc and Spinal Compression

Atlas orthogonal is effective in treating the pain associated with compression of the intervertebral disc. It can also aid in relieving pain linked to a herniated disc by correctly aligning the Atlas to the spine and applying pressure to the trapped nerves. When the spine is inclined or the nerves are stuck high up in it, the blood flow can be affected through the spinal cord and may cause pain. Atlas orthogonal realigns these incorrect positions by removing pressure from trapped nerves, restoring correct blood flow, eliminating dizziness, and restoring blood supply to these trapped nerves, which often cause nausea and vomiting.


TMJ and Jaw Pain

A common problem with jaw pain or common jaw pain is that the nerves get jammed or compressed, which causes pain.

Musculoskeletal Disorders

The most common musculoskeletal disorders include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. Musculoskeletal disorders are the result of injuries and pain to nerves, tendons, joints, muscles, and ligaments. Atlas orthogonal technique can relieve pain and treat these conditions. Many other specific disorders can be reduced by aligning the spine and maintaining the nervous system.


Pregnancy Issues

Atlas orthogonal is highly beneficial for pregnant women. It prevents and solves several problems that may occur at the time of pregnancy and childbirth. The correct structure and alignment during pregnancy makes the process more comfortable for the mother and ensures that the baby has as much space as possible to develop and move.

Mental Health Disorders

If your nervous system works properly, you can alleviate many symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. By aligning your Atlas, your body systems can function properly and protect you from ache and illness. 

The Atlas Orthogonal Technique

Atlas Orthogonal is one of the most effective methods to relieve pain and discomfort while promoting better well-being. Atlas Orthogonal is a mild, efficient, and verified Chiropractic method that does not utilize physical treatment. It is achieved through specific diagnostics that determine the optimal position of the Atlas, and as far as precision and comfort for the patient are concerned, the Atlas Orthogonal technique is considered one of the safest forms of chiropractic treatment. 

Subluxation of The Atlas

The Atlas is the top vertebrae of the backbone that holds up the head. In case the spinal vertebrae is incorrectly aligned in a way that it puts pressure on the nerves and causes irritation, a condition called subluxation may occur. When you correct the malposition of the spine (spinal subluxation complex), you restore the correct nerve function and allow your body to heal from a number of ailments. If the Atlas does not fit, the spine arches unnaturally, the hips become uneven, and the muscles in the neck and back tighten to compensate for the lack of alignment. The Atlas Orthogonal corrects this problem by aligning the spine and allowing muscles to return to their correct position, which relieves the tension and pain you feel in the neck or back.

Incorrect Orthogonal structure of the spine, neck, and head.


The above image illustrates an incorrect alignment (subluxation) that is most frequently seen by Dr. Freund. As you can see, the head is slightly tilted because most of the weight is not in the center of the spine. The vertebrae are leaning along the side, causing an incorrect alignment. 


This resultantly puts pressure on the nerves that pass through; hence, causing immense pain, the dysfunctionality of organs, mobility loss, and reduction in the body’s fight against illness. 

Correct orthogonal structure of the spine, neck, and head. 



​The above image shows the correct alignment of the head over the vertebrae. The vertebrae are positioned correctly, and the spinal nerves are free from any obstruction, hence, permitting natural functionality and better health.


You might be wondering what causes pain in our arms, legs, back, joints, and head. These problems can become too detrimental to our overall quality of life, and we often try to find the source. 

neck and spine

Most of the problems stem from the incorrect balancing of the spinal column. The spinal column is responsible for protecting the spinal cord. It is like a tunnel that consists of bones interlocking with each other, also known as the vertebrae. The spinal cord is an extension of the brain, also known as the nervous system. The vertebra has small spaces in between that allow nerves (connected by the spinal cord) to pass through, interconnecting with every part of the body. Thus, the nervous system is responsible for carrying out all of the bodily functions. 

The nervous system is like a superhighway, where there are no issues and all vehicles are driven smoothly under the specified speed without the chances of any accidents. However, in case of a crash, the traffic flow slows down and eventually stops. The highway stops functioning up to its full capacity. 


Similarly, when the spinal column is incorrectly aligned, the nervous system is unable to function as intended.

— ©Roy W. Sweat Foundation

Upper Cervical Care

Atlas Orthogonal Spinal Correction is designed to enable your body to function better as it aims to restore its ability to achieve and maintain optimal health. It is safe and uses gentle forces that bring the upper cervical spine into its correct position for structural and neurological homeostasis. 


Since the nerves are connected through the area responsible for all of the bodily functions, it is understood that any disturbance or interference of these nerves by subluxation can cause serious issues, such as disability, illness, or even early death. 


Vital nerve impulses sent to the brain may be blocked or reduced due to subluxation of the spinal vertebrae.

How does the Atlas Orthogonal differ from other chiropractic techniques?

One of the most apparent differences in both methods is in the way they work. Atlas Orthogonal treatment is so mild and painless. that the patient may find it difficult to believe that anything effective has been achieved. However, all doubts and fears subside as the pain and discomfort are reduced. The treatment is expected to result in a variety of changes in the patient’s body. This is because the nervous system responds to structural corrections in pretty much the same way as it responds to any other type of treatment. The duration of recovery, however, is determined by the degree of incorrect positioning and the severity of the disease. 

How does it work?

Atlas Orthogonal corrects the spine to restore balance and increases your body’s ability to stay healthy. It treats the disease after a thorough examination and diagnosis of the issue by using detailed scientific and biomechanical protocols. It is a pain-free and gentle chiropractic technique that does not require powerful movement or twisting of the back or neck to align the spine and allows the nervous system to function optimally for the body to heal itself. 


Our chiropractors use an adjustment instrument to restore the correct alignment of the spine. The Atlas orthogonal instrument provides precise corrections to the upper neck based on a specific angle determined by imaging. Specific Atlas orthogonal images are analyzed to determine each person’s unique misalignment formula for correction, allowing for very gentle and precise atlas corrections. The patient’s exact atlas position is carefully evaluated, and the instrument is then programmed to deliver precise percussive waves as the atlases are repositioned.  


Atlas orthogonal adjustment technique is exceptionally precise so that maximum results can be achieved with just one or two simple adjustments. This procedure reorients the atlas bone and ultimately the cervical spine, which leads to improved function of the central nervous system. By aligning the Atlas, the communication between the brain and the body itself opens up as it is located directly on the brain stem. If the Atlas bones are aligned correctly, and in an orthogonal, neutral position, the remaining vertebrae of our spinal cord will be aligned better so that our body can heal itself. 


Dr. Mark Freund is the only practitioner with Atlas Orthogonal experience and is also trained in the Cranial Manipulation protocol in the Chicago land area. He has studied this technique extensively in the United States and internationally. He has worked in tandem with dental professionals to successfully treat TMJ issues and its related symptoms.

Working in tandem with Dr. Ira Shapira a patient from Santiago, Chile experienced tremendous TMJ relief. Prior to care he experienced experienced facial shocks, spasms and involuntary winking as well as seizures whenever he opened his mouth to talk, eat or brushing his teeth.

Watch Jim McMahon of the Chicago Bears talk about the Atlas Orthogonal Procedure. "They [Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor] keep me from having these bad pains, having suicidal thoughts, having me function fairly normally while I can."

Watch Montel Williams talk about the Atlas Orthogonal procedure. "I had extreme pain in my lower extremities. I'm in pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year... I've had pain in my feet, struggled with my balance..."


I began working with Dr. Mark Freund several months ago regarding a case of debilitating TMJ. He uses an innovative technique on the skull, Cranial Suture Release, which has provided me with significant relief. Dr. Mark works in conjunction with Dr. Shapira of Delaney Dental for TMJ cases; together they are relentless in finding a solution for their patients. I have been particularly impressed that both doctors continually seek out further education and knowledge in their respective fields. I cannot recommend their work enough!

- Carly P., Skokie, IL

Dr. Freund is outstanding. I went to him for help with daily migraines and haven't had one since my Atlas Orthogonal adjustment. He's one of the few doctors in the area trained to do this very precise adjustment of the atlas bone. Not only are my migraines gone, but so is my neck, shoulder, knee, and sciatic pain. That's not even the best part. All of my symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis have quickly disappeared as well. It's amazing what happens when you reconnect your nervous system.

- Nina K., IL