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What To Expect From An Atlas Correction?

what to expect from an atlas correction

Atlas Orthogonal Correction is one of the most effective methods for the renewal of health and well-being of a person and it is a specialty in the field of chiropractic healing. The chiropractic techniques are painless and safe for the upper cervical spine. It can effectively restore the balance in the human body and stimulate the natural healing power present in the body, resulting in a more balanced, and healthier body for the patient.

The Atlas Orthogonal Technique is a very gentle and precise method to correct the malposition of the upper cervical spine using an atlas orthogonal instrument and it is the most common method of correction of the spine in the United States. In this article, we will focus on the Atlas Orthogonal method and its techniques and what to expect from this treatment.

The Atlas Vertebra

The Atlas Vertebra has a unique position and role in the body, which is why it has such a high priority in chiropractic practice. It has crucial functions such as:

examining the atlas vertebrae and the cervical spine

  • It supports the head

  • It provides support for the neck, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, feet, and back.

  • It also protects the brain stem and helps to perform critical tasks at peak performance and keep the body healthy.

Therefore, a well-aligned spine is a key factor in a healthy body. Chiropractors focus on preserving the Atlas vertebra, which is located in the upper cervical spine. A properly aligned Atlas spine means a more stable spine, better posture, and better overall health. When the Atlas vertebra shifts out of alignment, it can contribute to numerous health problems, especially in young children.

Atlas Correction and Pain Relief

When most people think of chiropractic corrections, they think of neck, shoulder, and back pain, but not the Atlas spine. The Atlas Orthogonal Technique has achieved positive results over the years and is one of the most popular methods of correcting atlas subluxation worldwide. The Atlas Spinal Correction is designed to help the body heal and encourage it to perform better. It can repair a particular malposition that obstructs the movement of your upper back, neck, or other body parts, such as the spine. This technique can also be used to treat various health problems as many can be alleviated by correcting an atlas subluxation. Subluxation also results in stress, pain, and tension, and this pressure can damage various mental and physical activities in the body, as well as cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, exhaustion, and other symptoms.

There are a number of stages of recovery and the immediate results vary from patient to patient. Many patients have seen a marked improvement, with some patients reporting significant pain reduction and even a return to normal body weight. However, these stages can also be associated with discomfort, as the body gets used to its new, correct alignment. Remember that the healing process in the body takes time. It also depends on how long the body is in a state of imbalance or misalignment. If you feel pain in the new area of the body, you should immediately see a chiropractor who specializes in atlas orthogonality.

Reasons for Slow Recovery and Healing:

atlas orthogonal procedure
  • Pain may be related to the return of the body to its normal function.

  • Muscle spasm or imbalance in the spine is only now emerging.

An aligned atlas ensures that the healing potential of the body is fully exploited. Atlas orthogonal spine correction has the potential to help you and your family find pain relief. Your chiropractor can also help you with other problems such as back pain, headaches, nausea, dizziness, and exhaustion. Once patients have experienced the benefits of an Atlas orthogonal spine correction, they are more likely to try natural remedies to maintain the nervous system. In many cases, this method eliminates the need for medication and surgery, and in some cases, it can even reduce complications.

Upper Cervical Care: Atlas Correction Procedure

When we talk about chiropractic miracles, we usually speak of the upper cervical spine, where the two upper bones of the neck meet the skull. Most patients are excited when they hear that it "doesn't crack, pop or twist," but why is the focus on this region so important? The reason lies in the interface between the brain and the spinal cord, where autonomous bodily functions are controlled. Research has shown that the slightest misalignments in the cervical spine can cause problems as it puts direct pressure on the spinal cord. It can block nerve signals that go in and out of the brain. If the upper bones of your neck are not aligned properly, your head may shift, and this will cause your eyes to become uneven with the horizon. The brain corrects this by bringing the head and eyes back to horizon level.

If you keep your head in the middle of the neck, muscles on one side can become narrower than on the other, twisting the spine and pelvis, and shortening one leg. This specific relationship affects the body's ability to balance, and function in various ways, such as posture, movement, and balance. The correct adjustment lowers the leg to a uniform level and restores the structural and chemical balance of the body. Almost every joint surface of the body wears out, leading to a loss of muscle mass, joint stiffness, and joint pain, as well as muscle atrophy. The right setting frees the nerves in the neck and reduces inflammation and tenderness.

atlas vertebrae x-rays

An Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor will take two X-rays to confirm that the correct setting has been administered. The Atlas adjustment then corrects a complex malposition of the upper cervical spine using percussive sound waves. This type of low-force adjustment is allowed for those who are candidates for treatment, but it is not for all. The Atlas adjustment is highly precise and gentle and not painful. This is because the specific angle of the malposition is measured precisely and the adaptation is also tailored to the specific needs of the patient.

The Atlas Orthogonal Technique can be so effective and gentle that it leaves most patients wanting to learn more about how the procedure works and its benefits. Once you have gotten rid of previous pain symptoms, doubts and questions will be answered. Patients can expect to get rid of back pain and other health problems and continue with their daily activities as it restores the health of their system and brings their health back to normal.

Chiropractic Care and Atlas Orthogonal

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic treatment for the upper cervical spine is one of the most popular methods of spinal repair in the United States. With very gentle chiropractic techniques, there are no tears, and there is no pain, no stiffness, and no damage to bones, joints, or muscles. With the expertise of our Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractors, we are able to deliver a particularly gentle atlas adjustment on the Atlas that needs correction. Each patient has a specific condition and our chiropractors at Natural Care Chiropractic will make the necessary and accurate measurements to determine the exact angle from which the patient is viewed. This is a healing method that can help restore balance in the body and promote an ideal state of well-being.


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