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Tailbone Injuries: Symptoms and Pain Management

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

If you’ve recently taken a nasty spill during a sport or accident, you may have injured your tailbone. This happens when you land hard on your backside. It’s important that you schedule an appointment with Natural Care Chiropractic right away. After your injury, you’ll notice discomfort and pain when sitting, lying down, and standing. Drs. Mark Freund and Nicole Gopaul offer the care that you need. Contact our office in Lindenhurst, IL, to learn more.

Your coccyx, which is also called the tailbone, is found right at the end of your spinal cord. It’s easy to bruise it when falling on it. The most common way to do so is when you slip and fall down some stairs on your behind. You should schedule an appointment as soon as you notice symptoms. Don’t wait when your tailbone starts to ache when you sit for longer periods.

The main symptoms of a tailbone injury are pain, inflammation, and stiffness. This is all because of the muscles surrounding the coccyx. When injured, the muscles start seizing up and contracting. This is what causes your imminent discomfort. The swelling needs close monitoring. If you not properly controlled, it pushes your coccyx out-of-place. Your condition will quickly worsen. You don’t want to compress the nerves, for this results in even more pain.

Call our office in Lindenhurst, IL, right away. The quicker you get treatment, the faster you heal. A chiropractic adjustment is a perfect solution. Drs. Freund or Gopaul use their hands or tools to move the coccyx back into place. The relief is instantly noticeable. The swelling should go down in the following days. Talk to your chiropractor about stretching and exercises you can do while you heal. Icing also helps finish off any lingering swelling.

Tailbone injuries should never be ignored. Schedule an appointment with Natural Care Chiropractic today. We are located in Lindenhurst, IL. To contact Drs. Mark Freund or Nicole Gopaul, call 847-265-0600 or visit our website.

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