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Parkinson’s Disease: How Chiropractic Treatments Help

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Natural Care Chiropractic, located in Lindenhurst, IL, provides patients with holistic and noninvasive treatment options. Drs. Mark Freund and Nicole Gopaul are the top-tier chiropractors who make it possible. They treat patients with a variety of medical conditions, including Parkinson’s disease (PD). This is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that interferes with the body’s production of the neurochemical dopamine. Dopamine assists your body with normal muscle movements. Without it, patients struggle to engage in basic body movements and certain cognitive functions.

Parkinson’s Disease

The most identifiable symptom of Parkinson’s is tremors or shaking across the body. Patients shake even when they aren’t moving. Other symptoms are stiffness, slow movement, and balance problems. Because this is a progressive disease, symptoms will worsen over time. That’s why your chiropractors here in Lindenhurst, IL, recommend coming in for treatment.

Patients with PD are commonly treated with an assortment of medications. These alone aren’t enough to improve the quality of life. They will stop working after repeated exposure or create nasty side effects. Chiropractic treatment is different. Your Lindenhurst, IL, chiropractors focus on improving their patient’s quality of life through spinal health.

At your appointment with Drs. Freund or Gopaul, you will be asked some questions and undergo a physical examination. They’ll need to know about your diagnosis and what medications you are on. The doctor will then examine your spine. Many patients who struggle with PD have misalignments in their neck, which is known as a cervical subluxation. Chiropractic manipulation is the solution for it. This is when the chiropractor uses their hands or a small tool to move misaligned vertebrae back into the correct position. They can also adjust any areas in the spine.

Many patients with PD who undergo chiropractic treatment experience a large reduction in their symptoms. Patients reported fewer tremors, fatigue, mobility restrictions, and back pain.

Natural Care Chiropractic is located in Lindenhurst, IL. To schedule an appointment with Drs. Mark Freund or Nicole Gopaul, call 847-265-0600 or visit our website.

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