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Nutrition as Part of Chiropractic: The Role of Nutrition

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

We take a whole-body approach to prevention at Natural Care Chiropractic in Lindenhurst. It is impossible to overstate the importance of nutrition for good health. Not only will improvement in nutrition help relieve the pressure on biomechanical structures from excess weight, but it will also supply the body with more of the vitamins it needs to heal itself.

Our dietician, Katie Moxley, will work with you by discussing which foods you’re currently eating. She will also conduct a Zyto scan, which is an assessment of the electrical activity in your skin conducted by the Zyto software. Using this survey, we can pinpoint nutritional deficits and how they affect your body. For example, a lack of Vitamin D is notorious for contributing to painful conditions such as peripheral neuropathy. Vitamin D is also necessary for absorbing calcium and preventing osteoporosis, one of older people's most common causes of back dysfunction. But, it is essential to balance D3 with Vitamin K2 for the stated purpose of Vitamin D to occur.

Many people suffer from particular issues such as lactose intolerance and gluten allergies, making it difficult to devise their own nutritional plans. Not only can we help identify which foods and supplements to use and in what quantities, but we can also identify problems you may not have known were related to nutrition and the underlying cause of the food intolerances.

Dr. Mark Freund and Dr. Nicole Gopaul direct Natural Care Chiropractic at 2118 East Grand Avenue, Lindenhurst, Illinois, 60046. Toschedule an appointment, visit ourrequest an appointment page or call 847-265-0600.

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