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5 Daily Activities That are Probably Causing Your Back and Neck Pain

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Back pain

Oof, your aching back! Don't worry, it's actually one of the most common medical complaints, affecting 8 out of 10 people, and it usually has an innocuous source.

Before you swear off weightlifting or quit your labor job, look for potential changes in your daily activities. Some things that we wouldn't even consider can result in back or neck pain. Get your icepack ready and read about these 5 possible culprits of your aches.

1. Slouching In Your Chair During Daily Activities

A lot of spinal pain comes from improper posture when sitting. It's often the best place to examine if you're experiencing aches in your back and neck. There's a reason your mom always told you to stop slouching.

Our bodies evolved to be upright. An even spine is our most natural position. When sitting, you should attempt to achieve this.

This can be done by following the "Rule of Right Angles." Each pivot in your body should be at a 90-degree angle. Your hips, elbows, and ankles should all form these right angles.

This assures that you're sitting at the most upright position. So, the next time you're at the computer, practice this.

2. Sleeping In Obtuse Positions

Sleep is where you should be resting your body. But it could also be what's causing you pain. Keeping a natural curve to your spine is crucial, especially in bed.

Side-sleepers should avoid curling into a fetal position. Stomach-sleepers should place a pillow under the abdomen to lift their hips.

You should also not sleep with too-high of a pillow. If your neck isn't in-line, it'll cause a lot of pain. It's how you often wake up with a crick.

Depending on the severity, you might need a chiropractor for neck pain that doesn't go away with a shorter pillow.

3. Cleaning Around the House

It's the subtle things that'll get you.

A lot of cleaning, particularly when picking stuff up or scrubbing floors, can cause spinal pressure. When doing either, try to adhere to the 90-degree rule. Hunching over for extended periods devastates the lower back.

Also, be careful when picking up heavier items. You might be able to do it, but if you're improperly lifting (utilizing your back instead of your legs), you better get the Aleve on standby.

4. Taking the Stairs

It might sound like bad advice, but take the elevator at work.

Ascending stairs put your back at risk of bending past its natural line. When people walk up the stairs, they tend to lean forward. Avoid this any chance you get.

It's bad for your lower back, and it actually puts you at risk of falling forward.

going for a stroll

5. Going for a Stroll

A simple walk around the neighborhood sounds refreshing, doesn't it?

People that experience back pain typically have poor posture when they walk. This, again, is related to keeping a natural alignment. Standing up straight, especially when walking, can significantly reduce issues.

Sweet Relief

A lot of back pain stems from doing repetitive daily activities without proper posture. Humans were designed to be upright, and going against that can be a pain.

Try fixing your posture when sitting at a desk or when out walking. Sleeping and cleaning your house can also lead to aches. Got a burning ache? Check out our other articles to learn more.

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