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Benefits of the Atlas Orthogonal Realignment

 Why Request an Atlas Chiropractor

Chiropractic Care is a practice of alternative and complementary medicine that aims to diagnose and treat the misalignment of the joints of the body – particularly those of the spinal column – which often affect the muscles, organs, and nerves. Atlas Chiropractic care focuses on upper cervical techniques to fix misalignments in the first spinal vertebrae also known as the atlas bone.

Atlas Chiropractors – Combining the Traditional With The Modern

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Adjustment is an effective and modern form of chiropractic technique that takes advantage of technological advances. The reason this treatment is effective is that it addresses the root of the problem with the alignment of the top-most vertebrae in a very precise manner, rather than simply treating the symptoms associated with this issue.

By involving specific diagnostics to determine the calibration of the adjustment instrument, the Atlas Orthogonal Treatment provides a safe and gentle force, putting the upper cervical spine in its optimal position and leading to structural and neurological homeostasis.

How does Atlas Orthogonal Differ from Other Chiropractic Manipulations?

The precision of the Atlas Orthogonal Instrument allows for a more precise adjustment technique, which differs from the general chiropractic manipulations. Since it does not use powerful twists or jolts, Atlas Orthogonal is suitable for anyone, including children, seniors, and people diagnosed with osteoporosis.

With the many health problems that can be alleviated through this technique, it is a treatment that is widely used by only a few highly trained chiropractors around the world. Let us delve deeper into the common uses and application of Atlas Orthogonal treatments and learn more about this treatment option and how it can benefit you.

explaining chiropractic manipulations

Treating Sciatica and Other Structural Ailments

Sciatica is a disease that affects the sciatic nerve, which is one of the longest nerves in the human body. Sciatic pain can range from mild to debilitating. The most appropriate treatment for sciatica will vary from patient to patient, depending on the type of pain, severity of pain, degree of physical activity of the patient, and underlying root cause of the pain.

Causes of Sciatica Pain

Often, sciatica symptoms are the result of other illnesses or injuries, such as:

  • Arthritis

  • Osteoporosis

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Structural diseases of the spine

However, at times, sciatica pain stems from another cause which can be treated with atlas chiropractic techniques or other forms of chiropractic care depending on the location that needs to be addressed.

Herniated Disc(s)

When a disc fragment is pushed out of the annulus and into the spinal cord – usually because of a disrupted or torn annulus – that fragment is referred to as a herniated disc.

By aligning the spine from the very top and relieving the pinched nerves that are caused by compensation further down the spine, your Atlas Chiropractor can ease the pain associated with a herniated disc well as work on the atlas which often misaligns during spinal injury.

Piriformis Syndrome

The piriformis muscles are located close to the top of the hip joint. By stabilizing the hip joint and lifting and rotating the thigh away from the body, these muscles aid in lower-body movement.

Piriformis Syndrome is a neuromuscular disorder in which the piriformis muscle compresses your sciatic nerves. Atlas Orthogonal provides specialized stretching to help alleviate the pain and discomfort by removing compensation patterns that distort the lower back and pelvis.


Accidents can lead to injuries that often irritate or injure the sciatic nerve.

Degenerative Disk Disease

structural ailments for a straighter spine

As you age, certain disc degenerations of the spine are natural. However, if the problem extends to multiple discs, it can lead to degenerative disk disease.


The vertebrae (the individual bones that form the spinal column) can slip forward as a result of a spinal cord injury or a hip injury. In some cases, flexibility exercises can provide pain relief.

Atlas Orthogonal is an effective treatment for sciatica pain because it aligns the full length of the spine by reducing the compensatory patterns that arise due to the Atlas misalignment resulting in preventing the sciatic nerves from being compressed or pinched. If the nerve is already jammed, the treatment can reduce the pressure and restore the correct nerve function to alleviate the pain caused by sciatica.

Depending on the assessment when the Atlas Orthogonal Spinal Correction is applied, it can restore the correct alignment of the spine and correct subluxations that disrupt the proper flow of the nervous system, thereby ending the numbness and tingling caused by the pinching of the nerves.

We understand the frustration and stress that comes with sciatic nerve pain, and we are committed to helping our patients find relief.

Other Applications of Atlas Orthogonal Treatment

Sciatica is just one of the conditions that can be effectively addressed with this specialized technique. There are a variety of structural maladies that can benefit from atlas orthogonal treatment.

Neck Pain and Lower Back Pain

Pain in these regions is often caused by a spinal malposition, and the remedy involves a gentle and precise reorientation of the spine.

By correcting the positioning of the atlas bones, our treatments provide relief from spinal cord disorders, including those affecting the:

  • Lower-back

  • Shoulders

  • Hips

  • Knees

  • Ankles

  • Feet

  • Back

  • Neck

Disc Herniation

The intervertebral disc is a cushion that sits between the bones of the spine and allows you to bend and twist easily. If the atlas is not positioned properly, the spine arches unnaturally, making the hips uneven. As a result, the muscles in the neck and back tighten to compensate for the lack of alignment.

doctor reviewing model vertebra

Atlas Orthogonal aligns the spine and allows the muscles to return to their original positions, thereby easing the pain and tension in the neck and back regions.

Dizziness and Poor Balance

When the sciatica nerves are pinched, they cause pain, discomfort, and other health problems.

Moreover, if the spine is tilted or if a nerve high up in the spine (for example, in the C1 vertebrae) is jammed, it can result in dizziness and other neck issues leading to poor balance.

Besides, nerve compression can affect nerves extending across the entire spine and spinal cord, as well as blood flow to the brain and body. This nerve pressure and compromised blood flow can often lead to tingling in the extremities (hands, arms, feet, and legs).

By removing pressure from the trapped nerve, Atlas Orthogonal corrects the malposition, eliminates dizziness, and relieves pressure on the pinching nerve. The treatment can also help relieve pain associated with a herniated disc by aligning the atlas to the spine and reducing pressure on trapped nerves.


Neck subluxations – especially those occurring in the C1 vertebrae – can lead to nerve compression and interfere with the proper flow of the nervous system. Our procedures eliminate these subluxations and correct the spine alignment, helping to greatly reduce your headaches.

TMJ and Jaw Pain

TMJ (temporomandibular) and jaws – especially the upper-jaw region – can be adversely affected by head and neck position. However, our realignment treatment can effectively restore proper functioning.

Disc and Spinal Compression

The disc walls can become weak due to trauma or gradual wear and tear. When this happens, the wall loses its structural integrity. Compression of a disc can extend into the nerves near the disc, placing strain on these nerves and sometimes even pinching them. As a result, people with spinal discs with spinal compression often feel severe pain and discomfort.

Atlas Orthogonal, on the other hand, is an effective alternative treatment for pain associated with disc compression.

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Musculoskeletal disorders can be caused by falls, car accidents, fractures, dislocations, sprains, or direct impact on the muscles. Such disorders include rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis, as well as pain-related injuries in the muscles, ligaments, joints, nerves, tendons, and other areas affecting the locomotor system.

Chiropractor Working on a Patient's Back

Atlas Orthogonal treatment aims at aligning the spine and maintaining the nervous system, leading to effective alleviation of musculoskeletal disorders.

Joint Movements

When the spine is mispositioned, it often leads to pain, stiffness, and inflammation of the joints. A misaligned spine can pressurize the entire body due to the natural compensation that occurs. . Similarly, out-of-position vertebrae affect the alignment of surrounding muscles, which, in turn, cause extra pressure on the other muscles, and eventually, the joints. This extra pressure forces the joints to work harder than normal, opening up the possibilities of joint injuries such as arthritis, tendinitis, or even spinal cord damage.

By correcting the position of the spine, Atlas Orthogonal reduces or eliminates joint pain, leading to healthier joints and improved mobility.

Assisting Pregnant Women and Their Children

We also perform treatments that help resolve or mitigate many of the potential spinal problems associated with pregnancy and childbirth if you come in for an assessment early enough. Unfortunately, the Atlas Orthogonal Technique cannot be performed initially on a pregnant person due to the required X-Rays. In those cases, we offer other services to support comfort and overall wellness during pregnancy.

Proper alignment during pregnancy makes carrying more comfortable for the mother and ensures that the baby has as much space as possible to grow and move. Additionally, correct alignment can also help induce a faster and easier labor.

Atlas Orthogonal can help you and your child benefit from better sleep, diet, and overall health.

Stress Reduction

The intricate relation between pain and stress levels is no secret. Pain can wear you out physically and mentally, alongside leading to poor sleep, impaired mental clarity, and a reduced overall well-being.

By mitigating your pain, Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Adjustments can reduce your stress and restore your overall health. With lower stress levels, you ease pain and other stress-related systems.

Pain Management

Some people use painkillers to deal with problems such as back and joint pain. As concerns grow about the opioid epidemic, patients and doctors want more options for managing pain.

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractors often offer a variety of pain reduction options, such as:

  • Acupuncture

  • Physical therapy

  • Manual therapy

Chiropractic adjustment can reduce mild to moderate back pain in less than half the cost of medication and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

For many people, chiropractic treatment can bring them back to near-normal levels of activity. Furthermore, if chiropractic back adjustments can lead to mitigation in pain, patients can reduce their dependence on OTC medicines and painkillers, which can be accompanied by a host of unpleasant to dangerous side-effects.

Set an Appointment to Benefit from Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Today

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic care takes a holistic view regarding health, with the objective of alleviating pain, supporting recovery from injuries, and improving all aspects of our patients’ well-being. It acknowledges the fact that keeping the upper cervical spine healthy is essential for optimal bodily functioning. Our gentle and painless techniques make us stand out from other chiropractic manipulations and procedures – which often involve powerful twisting or movement of the back and neck.

Our treatment will not only help adults overcome pain and suffering, but also promote healthy and balanced development in children. Atlas Orthogonal also optimizes how your body works, enabling it to better manage any health conditions or illnesses that you might be dealing with.

At Natural Care Chiropractic, we provide non-invasive pain management and whole-body wellness treatments carried out by our skilled practitioners of chiropractic care with Atlas Orthogonal experience. Using a combination of Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic and other spinal corrections, we identify the source of the ailment and offer treatments specifically tailored to your condition to help address the root cause of your problems rather than just the symptoms.

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