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Atlas Orthogonal: Cranial Techniques for Head & Neck Pain

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Have you been suffering from pain in your jaw, neck, or head? If you live in the Chicago area, there’s an important but rarely utilized treatment that can restore your comfort. At Natural Care Chiropractic, Dr. Mark Freund is the only chiropractor in the Chicago area with training in combining both the Atlas Orthogonal technique and Cranial techniques. As such, he understands the complex relationship between the topmost vertebrae, the cerebral spinal fluid flow, and tissues connecting to the jaw.

The foundational theory of chiropractic is that pinches on spinal nerves will have negative consequences for the body. The atlas is the bone at the top of the spinal column, responsible for alignment and compensation of the head and the rest of the body. When it is misaligned, it puts pressure on the surrounding muscles and ligaments, as well as the spinal fluid flowing between the meningeal tissues, leading to swelling and more pinches. This can be particularly troublesome for the structures in the shoulder that originate in the neck and the complex jaw structures that link to them.

Cranial manipulation is a way to correct misalignment of the atlas and skull and help with cranial nerve symptoms such as trigeminal neuralgia or Bells Palsy. The Atlas Orthogonal technique is much more delicate than other manipulations and allows us to safely relieve pinches and swelling. When spinal fluid is able to flow freely, the nerves are better nourished and cushioned. Reduction in swelling allows the jaw to move freely and unimpeded nerves will be able to function with less pain alleviating symptoms such as neck pain, headache and shoulder pain.

Dr. Mark Freund and Dr. Nicole Gopaul are chiropractic physicians at Natural Care Chiropractic at 2118 East Grand Avenue, Lindenhurst, Illinois, 60046. To schedule an appointment, visit our request an appointment page or call 847-265-0600.

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