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Chronic Knee Pain Symptoms & Chiropractic Treatment Options

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Does your knee feel sore when you run or walk up stairs? You may be suffering from an overuse injury. Our doctors at Natural Care Chiropractic in Lindenhurst are experts in holistic, non-addictive means of restoring patients’ biomechanical function and have lots of solutions available for each patient’s unique needs. Let’s take a look at what is commonly happening when people have runner’s knee, or patellofemoral syndrome.

The kneecap is a sesamoid bone, which means that it floats outside the rest of the skeleton. It is located in a cartilage-filled groove at the base of the femur and is held in place by tendons and ligaments. When the tendons get frayed or become overly tight, the kneecap may move out of position. This could cause erosion to the cartilage, leaving the knee less protected from shocks, and further contribute to inflammation.

Physical therapy to treat knee pain focuses on strengthening the leg muscles and improving their flexibility. Our chiropractors are trained to coach corrective exercises and to oversee athletes’ return to activity. Manual therapy can help loosen muscles and increase the flow of nutrients to their tendons. Other possible treatments include pain relief via acupuncture. Once the leg muscles have recovered, the kneecap will be better secured in place.

Dr. Mark Freund and Dr. Nicole Gopaul run Natural Care Chiropractic at 2118 East Grand Avenue, Lindenhurst, Illinois, 60046. To schedule an appointment, visit Lindenhurst Chiropractic or call 847-265-0600.

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