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Disc Herniation: What Is A Herniated Disc?

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

The human spine is made up of vertebrae, each one critical for everyday function. Located in between these are the intervertebral discs. When a disc becomes herniated or “slips out” of place, it results in severe pain. Dr. Nicole Gopaul of Natural Care Chiropractic, located in Lindenhurst, IL, treat these herniated discs.

Your first appointment with either Dr. Gopaul starts with a physical examination. This allows your Lindenhurst chiropractor to check that your reflexes are intact, any loss of sensation, or signs of muscle wasting. Your medical history is also discussed. Next, the entire spine is evaluated. This lets us pinpoint where exactly the herniated disc is.

Once the herniated disc is located, Dr. Gopaul will design a treatment plan. It’ll revolve around spinal manipulation. This form of therapy can help move the disc back into place while relieving the associated symptoms. Everything depends entirely upon your body. Your pain levels, activity, and overall health are major factors.

Certain patients are not eligible for this form of chiropractic treatment. Advanced injuries may require a spinal surgeon. Dr. Gopaul will take everything into consideration when designing your treatment plan.

A herniated disc can occur for a variety of reasons. There are genetic and health factors, like degenerative spinal diseases. Falling or injuring oneself is another possible cause. Regardless of how you’re injured, we provide treatment.

Contact Natural Care Chiropractic today. We are located in Lindenhurst, IL. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Nicole Gopaul, visit our website or call 847-265-0600.

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