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Why Choose Natural Care Chiropractic?

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Dr. Mark Freund has trained for the last two decades in the sub-field of Atlas Orthogonal, Nutrition, Cranial Manipulation and Acupuncture. His approach involves combining attributes of each discipline to provide for the unique needs of his patients – while keeping a broader whole body view of the functional issues and their causation.

With an extensive background in kinesiology, Dr. Nicole Gopaul takes a structural approach when evaluating her patients and incorporates functional solutions into her treatment regimes.

Both doctors have studied acupuncture extensively and incorporate it when appropriate. Dr. Gopaul and Dr. Freund regularly consult with interdisciplinary practitioners who then function as a health care team to their patients. Our other team members are practitioners in effective treatment modalities such as lymphatic drainage, myofascial release and trigger point therapies, pregnancy care, Kinesio taping, and specific exercise and rehab therapies.

Why Chiropractic Care?

Most issues are structural in nature or the result of a noxious insult such as toxins from the environment or food supply, or a disruption in one’s biome or immunity which is caused from a nutritional deficiency, not a drug deficiency.

The nervous system is designed to self-correct and will function optimally when allowed to flow un-impeded. For example, one of the latest trends we are observing in our patients with chronic headaches is the constellation of cranial distortions.

These distortions may be the result of a prior head trauma or TMJ/TMD related problems, upper cervical subluxation and blocked lymphatic channels all the way into the pelvic outlet. This may cause a feeling of increased pressure in the head when weather changes or the monthly cycle hits.

Our treatment for migraine sufferers (or any issue) starts with a holistic evaluation. From there we determine if there is a mineral deficiency, bug within the lymphatic system or a structural issue e.g. cranial bone displacement or spinal segment issue.

By addressing lymphatic system structural issues such as correcting atlas displacement and releasing the cranial bones, along with nutritional help, we aim to remove the impedance to the lymphatic system. With this method, we have found great success in treating patients who suffer from frequent chronic migraines.

Sometimes, we find that there is a need for a TMJ consult, rehab for core strengthening, or a neurological evaluation. In this case, we refer our patients to practitioners that we work closely with. We then remain in close contact and work along side the practitioner while our patient is being treated.

Chiropractic care is one of the most cost effective treatment protocols available for structural issues. It is by far easier and less expensive to treat spinal issues and muscular/tendon or ligament disorders or trauma conservatively without surgical intervention or without the masking effect of medications.

When you consider the length of time needed for recovery from a surgical procedure including rehabilitation and purging the body of the effects of anesthesia, future issues resulting from fascial disruption due to fibrosis or scar tissue formation the more conservative approach of manual therapies and spinal manipulation

seems far more favorable and a more rapid recovery.

Find out if Chiropractic care is right for your needs, CONTACT US TODAY!

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